How we grew with Dezign Digital

Hi all, today I want to talk to you about one of our favourite partners Dezign Digital.

We use Dezign Digital to help us with:

Website Design

Check out the websites Dezign Digital have made here

The great thing is they are also able to integrate different systems.  They design beautiful websites that send you leads!


Dezign Digital guided us throughout the process. For branding, they helped us find our unique voice to reach out to our customers and integrated our voice into our brand’s entire design, theme, and approach.

Starting from the colour scheme of our website to our logo, everything was redesigned and synced to ensure it represents our brand well and serves as a reflection of our mission and approach.

Digital Marketing

The second stage included refining our digital marketing strategies. Dezign Digital guided us right from the content creation stage to the social media promotion phase. With their in-depth knowledge and expertise, we churned out crisp, informative and engaging content that received tons of love from our customers who happily engaged with it.

With cutting-edge SEO practices and social media growth hacks, we soon skyrocketed our website traffic, improved our search engine ranks and overall enhanced our brand with organic reach and growth from social media.

Paid Advertising

Finally, we opted for paid advertisements to gain the extra edge over our competitors with the help of Dezign Digital, who helped us allocate our ad budget at the right places, optimise our bids and maximise our returns.

Understanding The Challenges that We Faced

The first thing we did was to inspect our primary challenges, which were roughly:

  • Not having enough social reach
  • Not ranking high on search engines
  • A low visitor to lead conversion ratio

The simplest way to do this is to take note of your business goals and see what criteria you are failing to achieve. These shortcomings are your challenges.

Recognising the Causes of These Challenges

Once you identify the challenges, you need to understand what causes you to fail.

You can certainly choose to do that yourself, but we wanted better results. Hence, we partnered with Dezign Digital and allowed their experts to take a look.

The team at Dezign Digital and their rich experience in business development proved to be very beneficial for our brand. They soon listed the potential factors that could be crippling our growth and reach.

With a thorough market research report, competitor analysis, and our performance report from them, we had a much clearer picture of where we stand and how we can overcome the plateau point.

The Results

Not only did we drive higher traffic to our website, but we also increased our retention rate, reduced bounce rate and built a loyal community. Our social media reach shot up, and our target audience began to interact with our content genuinely, helping us reach more and more customers organically.

Final Thoughts

Successful businesses aren’t built overnight, and although the initial challenges and setbacks can be upsetting, the only way to sure-shot success is consistency and effort. Seeking professional help from an industry expert as we did from Dezign Digital will help accelerate the results give send them a message or give them a call on 1300977099 

No matter what path you choose, the only key to success is to keep hustling.